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Thank-you for being here
Thank-you for being here.  I appreciate you.

I wanted to share a little about my story.  First, I grew up in Mildura, Victoria, Australia in the Country with my Parents, 2 sisters & brother.  My Dad had a Vineyard and a Factory so we grew up working hard and helping the family business.  When I was 15 I was sent off to a strict catholic military inspired Boarding School.  I still remember my first night there and how alone I felt.

When I was 18, I  went to University, and after completing a degree in Accounting & IT, I fell into a corporate world career that would consume almost 2 decades of my time & life.  It seemed safe & secure, I didn't mind the work and I quite honestly did not know how to do anything else that would pay so well.  After watching many good talented people get made redundant around me, including myself twice, I knew that longer term, my dissatisfaction & distaste with the corporate world was growing louder within me.  

I think the thing that frustrated me the most was 1) I was not in control of my own destiny.  2) I knew that I was participating in life at mediocre level.  And 3) I knew I was not utilising my god given talents & gifts in these roles.

After reading Tim Ferris's book "The 4 Hour Week" my entire life path changed trajectory and this set in motion a decade of studying everything I could get my hands on in regards to Online Marketing, setting up Online Businesses and Personal Development studies.     It became an obsession alongside a very frustrating expensive hobby.  

You see the thing is, not only  was I passionate about Online Marketing & Online Business, but I was extremely good at it.  And then I would go to my job in the corporate world everyday for 8 hours and do something that I didn't even love.

In the end, I knew I had to do "whatever it took" to learn how to get the business side of it working and get my dream off the ground.

I worked with the worlds best experts in this field and learnt how to walk the path that they had walked.  And then finally, on New Years Eve 2015, my dreams were answered and I walked out of the building of my last corporate job and vowed to myself "if I ever return here again, it will be because those terms suit me".  Meaning I gave myself permission to get my dream off the ground knowing full well that the corporate world would be there waiting for me if I ever needed it.

Leaving the job became my lucky break, and in that time I have built a following online of over 30,000 people reading my articles and blogs and clients in incredible & diverse industries.  In 2016 I founded the Power Of Online Marketing Program Course & Community where I help other Businesses & Entrepreneurs get their Online Businesses working much quicker than I ever did.  It took me over 10 years to work all this out, and now in just a few short months I can help businesses get there business working online, reaching 6 & 7 figures with their campaigns in just a fraction of that time.

It is truly a magical process and one that I wish for everyone to go through if they are serious about the longevity of their businesses, their future as an expert or product owner, and doing business in the new online economy.

I am sure you will have many questions, but for now let's just say in the words of Zig Ziglar "Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want".

I sincerely hope that you find a way to amplify your message out to the world and get your knowledge & products in the hands of more people that you can help and transform the lives of many.

1976: Grew up in country Victoria, Australia on a small vineyard with my two sisters & brother
1998: Graduated from University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Accounting & Bachelor of IT
1991: Went to a strict Catholic Boarding School
2008 : Read the "4 Hour Week" By Tim Ferris and built 2 Large ecommerce web stores to 6 figures with 3 business partners and then sold them off.
1997: Starting working as a graduate for PricewaterhouseCoopers & IBM implementing large scale IT systems in Banks & Warehouses 
2012: Continued to be an IT Contractor for my day job with my online marketing on the side.
2014: Wrote my first ever blog on LinkedIn
2015: Following online hit over 18,000 people
2014: Hired coaches to help me learn everything there is to know about online marketing
2016 : Founded the Power Of Online Marketing Program Course & Community 
2016: Built a Network Marketing Team of 200+ in 4 months "Global Dayz"  and combined my passion for social responsibility and people.
2015: Quit my last IT contract on New Years Eve 2015
2016 : Following online hit over 30,000 people
2017: Today is another day to be more of who I am.
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